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walk for leaders helps you to re-connect with yourself and sharpen your sense as a leader. It's scientifically proven that spending time with yourself, outside in nature grounds you and increases your ability to evaluate and adjust. And what could be more important than that - right now after probably the biggest disruption we as a society have faced? For an executive who is tasked with designing a new work life for themselves and their team, who actually constantly leads change, sensing is absolutely key to learn what’s going on - in the market, with the elephant in the room, regarding weaknesses of the system and/or challenges their team members experience. Major decisions depend on it. Having a reliable sense and acting on it is what defines a 'thermostat leader' and that's why we go for a walk together.

the experience​​

  • Prior to walk: Exploration call about the whys, whats and hows of your role and personality

  • Meet outside in your chosen forest or nature reserve

  • Coaching walk guided by myself (~ half day)

  • Focus on your most pressing topics and on restoring your senses

  • After event: Two follow-up calls, one ​two and one four weeks after our walk

why invest in yourself? (based on Yale School of Management Executive Education)

  • because your physical and mental health, and your relationships with those around you, are influenced by your emotions and your ability to regulate them.

  • because understanding your own emotions is the starting point of becoming a 'thermostat leader'.

  • because as a leader, you need to be aware of the emotional tone that you set for your team.

  • because identifying and understanding your own core values, as well as what you have to offer yourself, your team, your organization, and the world, makes leading change more meaningful and much easier.

  • because increased emotional intelligence in the workplace promotes a positive workplace culture, feelings of trust and belonging, creativity, and more reliable interpersonal relationships. 

The result of all this: You will gain balance and energy for whatever is on your agenda and become a more inspiring leader to follow. 

Still questions? Learn more in our FAQs or reach out through the contact form.


Are there specific dates for the program?

No, we’ll schedule with you in the center.

Can we do this somewhere  inside, e.g. at my office instead?

No. Being outside is key to find calm and to re-connect with your senses. 


How long does this take?

The exploration and follow-up calls 45 min each; the walk 3-4 hours

How do we meet?

We both get to your chosen outdoor place individually and meet there. I'm happy to make suggestion for the location.

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