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Start by starting. 

Why expat coaching? 

An expat assignment is a new start. Full of expectations - which can cover the entire spectrum between "Awesome" and "Oh, gosh , I'm so scared" - expats and their families embark on a new journey. It's very rewarding to have an experienced companion with YOU who helps YOU find the way to "Awesome"!

What we create together?

Sonja's expat coaching approach is formed by her own background as an expat and the perspective she gained through her experience.
Sonja works with the entire expatriating or repatriating family to  

  • explore YOUR very specific situation in terms of family, new environment and culture, challenges and opportunities

  • define what YOU want from this precious time in life

  • set goals and create a plan towards YOUR goals

  • increase cultural awareness

  • make a career - not only as the expatriating employee but also as their partner

  • lead with intention for a great start

  • go back home accomplished and with a full package of experiences and skills to bring with YOU


How we work together?

From Sonja's rich personal experience

  • as an expatriating employee from the German headquarters of the leading chemical company
    in the world to the United States

  • as a a wife to a husband who gave up his job in Germany to come with her on her assignment and make a new even more fulfilling career after overcoming the first tough challenges

  • now as an entrepreneur in one of the most bustling cities in the world and 

  • and as a world citizen who enjoys nothing more than working all over the planet 


we together 

  • turn  concerns and fear into comfort and excitement

  • prep for jobs and professional challenges

  • find cool things in YOUR new neighborhood 

  • coach for job interviews with the requirements and standards of the new country in focus

 ... and when it's time to go back home, we get ready for a smooth transition back which can be as challenging as the beginning in the host country

-- Meryl Streep 

enjoy YOURSELF -

expat coaching



Sonja really helped our family feel at home away from home right away. Because having fun and feeling that this journey will actually be exciting for all of us was so important for our start. And she simply gets it. Through her own experience she knows all the hurdles and made it very easy for us to navigate around them and focus on arriving and embracing the new.

Entrepreneur in his new host country,  father of 3 and husband to an expatriating employee


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