“I don’t go by the rule book. I lead from the heart, not the head.”

Why executive coaching for women?

Only 4.9% of Fortune 500 CEOs and 2% of S&P 500 CEOs are women. And those numbers are declining globally. At the same time women are perceived by their managers - particularly their male managers - to be slightly more effective than men at every hierarchical level and in virtually every functional area of the organization. That includes the traditional male bastions of IT, operations, and legal (HBR 2019). Leading organizations have an honest interest to close this gap. It is in their best interest to have top-performing female and male leaders in their most influential positions. 

What we create together?

While women are thought to be more effective in 84% of the leadership competencies that are most frequently measured (HBR 2019) they need special attention and support. Being perceived as competent is obviously not enough for women. That is why the coaching focus lies on building their strong and persistent personal brand, navigating the organization and empowering them to excel.

Sonja's executive coaching for female leaders is based on a long history and in-depth learnings from corporate reality
and her own career as a female executive and entrepreneur.
In a 1:1 setting leader and coach work together to

  • Building confidence and resilience

  • Overcome human biases

  • Communicate powerfully and prolifically

  • Balance boldness and care

  • Create visibility


How we work together?

Sonja works with the whole person and chooses from a well-stocked tool box tailored to
the individual needs of the client.

Here are some of the approaches your female executives will particularly benefit from: 

  • Purpose and values definition as well as alignment with the company culture

  • Shadowing and feedback

  • Intentional leadership style definition

  • Female executive presence

  • Case studies / practices in regards to negotiation, positioning and assertiveness

  • Network analysis & building

lead LIKE A WOMAN - executive coaching

Public Speaker

-- Princess Diana



When I leave conversations with Sonja the world always seems to be much bigger.

Female client in a DAX 30 Company