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Achievement is not about what you've done but what you've gained from your experience.

Why expat coaching?

Research shows that in more than 50 percent of the time when expatriate assignment fail it's due to personal reasons. If YOU think about it that's not a big surprise: Highly committed employees are naturally also highly committed to their loved ones and often there is a spoken or sometimes unspoken promise that goes along the lines: "If this doesn't work for all of us, we're going home". Therefore, employers need to be invested in making international assignments work for EVERYONE. Plus: High expectations due to costly transfer investments lead to frequent high-pressure situations, while significant changes in work, lifestyle and culture come with the new job and add to the challenge - and again, not only for the expatriating employee but for the entire family. 

What we create together? 

Sonja has worked five years as an expatriating top talent herself for a German company in the US.
She knows what wonderful opportunities and sometimes troubling challenges international assignments put
not only on the expatriating talent but also on their family members. Therefore, she will work with your expatriating 
employees, their families and your organization to make the most of the assignment.  

Together we will work on

  • Developing a positive attitude towards the new 

  • Creating cultural awareness

  • Realizing career opportunities for loved ones

  • Making a home away fro home

  • Returning full of accomplishment

  • Carrying the rich experiences home and including them into the next chapter


How we work together?

The focus on individual needs to find fulfillment and happiness through a tailored approach is key to Sonja and proofs to be most successful for families AND organizations alike.

Sonja’s experience goes far beyond the German and American culture.
She has successfully supported expats around the globe. She loves to bring her
own success story to her clients for a smooth and speedy arrival in the new environment, 
for ongoing success and once it's time to go back home.

Here is how Sonja helps to make expatriate assignments a dream story for everyone:​

  • Exploration and analysis of individual situation and needs

  • Career coaching and consulting

  • Onboarding coaching for the  manager and other important stakeholders of the 
    expatriating employee

  • Facilitating the return after an assignment

arrive & ACHIEVE - expat coaching




Sonja did an excellent job coaching me through my transition from an individual contributor to a first time leader - especially since the transition happened as an expat in a foreign country. She is very empathetic, highly skilled and a great communicator who knows how big corporations run.

Business Director in an industry-leading company

-- Lynn Hill 

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