The smell that fills the entire house, the cracking sounds of contained energy right after you get it out of the oven whispering “Everything will be alright”, the first bite of a still warm nourishing slice: that’s just a small selection of what baking bread holds for me.

Last year, during the tough and challenging first year of the COVID pandemic I started baking bread. For many reasons: practical ones because we were home a lot with little access to fresh bread, emotional ones because I missed my home, Germany, where the sourdough recipe I use comes from, efficiency ones because baking bread meant that at least one dinner per week (and several lunches & breakfasts) were taken care of. 

Besides the many learnings around the bread itself this process held so many teachable moments for me on a different kind of layer: I learned a whole lot about myself, my emotions during challenging times and about my capabilities of driving change in a positive and sustainable way.

With BREAD & BETTER I want to share an opportunity of comfort and personal development with you.


Here is what’s in for you: In a virtual set-up BREAD & BETTER will combine the bread making process from scratch to finish with elements of coaching to:

  • teach you to make your sourdough starter and spark ideas on how you design new beginnings (session 1 / 30 min time invest)

  • show you how to nourish the starter and along with it your own strengths (session 2 / 15-30 min time invest)

  • have a look at what might be missing - in your starter and in your life (session 3 / 15-30 min time invest)

  • bring your attention to what’s going on with your starter and what you need to feel good (session 4 / 15-30 min time invest)

  • give your starter and yourself some rest and time to grow (two weeks or more); one check-in in between to feed your starter and you (session 5 / 15min time invest)

  • help you create a sourdough using your starter and tickle your creativity and intuition of what’s next for you (session 6 / 30 min)

  • guide you through the day of baking your first bread including lots of stretching and folding for both, your dough and your mind
    (session 7 / half day on and off; with options to share your reflexion findings in a 1:1 with me).


The baking day will feature special guest Christin, founder of Little Bread Factory in Charleston, SC delivering homemade German sourdough bread to her community and the love for fulfilling your dreams,  baking and bread all around the word.


What else: A BREAD & BETTER Senses Book with recipes, shopping list, space to capture your notes and a membership in a virtual peer group to inspire,
ask questions to and nourish each other is included.


Get-to know price: $190 / participant for all sessions


For more information, reach out through the contact form. Next round will be German-speaking and starts on April 19, 2021; baking day May 15, 2021


Let’s bake bread and happiness together!


Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread.

Richard Wright



“The idea of thinking about more than the everyday things in a safe group environment and learning a new craft quickly convinced me. The short BREAD & BETTER sessions were easy to integrate into my busy schedule and Sonja's questions sparked some new thoughts and ideas for me. After just a couple of weeks we were able to enjoy our first homemade sourdough bread. Besides the baking and group coaching I enjoyed expanding my network and meeting new people. Many thanks Sonja!”

Melanie S., Germany


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