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coached by sway is a summer program which offers one-off coaching sessions for those who want to get some clarity, structure and new energy regarding personal topics that are worth a special treatment, e.g.

  • career change desire

  • new job / new beginnings 

  • move / relocation

  • stress / burnout

  • conflict with loved ones or at work

  • new goals, aspirations and ideas

  • etc. - there are so many topics that deserve spending time with them guided by a professional coach; everything that matters to you is relevant

your investment 

$350 per session (open-end, no time limit)

why invest in yourself?

  • because you will gain more clarity

  • because you will become aware of new things that surround your topic and / or lie deeper

  • because you will get an opportunity to recharge 

  • because you will feel energized after spending time in a structured way on your topic

  • because you will leave with ideas and an action plan on how to follow-up with next steps

Still questions? Learn more in our FAQs or reach out through the contact form.



The special atmosphere in the hammock has left a picture in my mind which is connected to the new perspectives, input and food for thought I gained during the session. Like a little treasure that I always carry with me now.
Thank you Sonja, you  always ask the right questions!

Marina C., Senior Manager Global Product Marketing


Are there specific dates for the session?

No, we’ll schedule with you in the center.

Can we do this online or somewhere  inside, e.g. at my office instead?

No. Being in the hammock is key to find calm and to re-connect with your senses. 


How long does this take?

As long as you want it to take. There is no time limit for the session.

Where does this take place?

In the New York Metropolitan Area, close to Manhattan. Will share details with you when we prepare.

If one session is  not enough can I book another one?

Yes, certainly. You can either book another sway session or continue with regular coaching which can then also be done online.


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