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Passion and satisfaction go hand in hand.

Why career consulting?

Because we spend more time at work than with our loved ones. Better do something YOU enjoy.
And because the things YOU enjoy most are also the things YOU thrive at.

What we create together?

We seek out opportunities and get you ready for them.

Sonja's career consulting approach is very concrete and pragmatic.
And it puts YOUR strengths and passions under the magnifying glass.

In a 1:1 setting Sonja and her client will ​

  • define career goals

  • look at career opportunities

  • put together sleek application documents

  • coach for best performance in interviews, presentations and exams

  • design a personal brand and elevator pitch

  • and prep for day 1 and beyond


How we work together?

Sonja's career consulting services are targeted towards the goals of the client
and what they bring to the table - in terms of needs, experience, confidence
and documentation.


Here are some of the tools used: 

  • Personal branding

  • Resume, cover letter and LinkedIn editing

  • Interview and presence coaching

  • Dress for for the job you want

create YOURS -



-- Nicholas Sparks 


I have known Sonja for a long time before I started to have coaching sessions with her for my test taking anxiety. She helped me prepare for the biggest exam in my career via online sessions and I was absolutely inspired by her ideas. I loved the mixture of a structured approach and "free play“ which gave me plenty of opportunities to explore the background of my anxieties and correct misconceptions of my own performance and demeanour. It was super convenient to have coaching sessions from my sofa and at a time that suited my schedule best. I succeeded in my exam and I am ever so grateful to Sonja for her help and inspiration!

Eva M., PhD 
Consultant Neurologist at a Community Hospital


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