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There  is no greater joy and meaning in our lives than our relationships with others.
-- Esther Perel
Couples Coaching to set up your team play



Sonja is a professional coach with great impulses for every situation. Thank you for bringing the sunshine to us! You are the best companion we can wish for.

Annemarie & Chris Panke

We live in highly demanding and complex times. Often we get pulled in all kinds of directions. Our work lives are of greatest significance to us.  Many reasons for why we sometimes take the relationship with our partner for granted or just let things flow. Too much going on to check in, to be invested, to connect? 


At the same time, for many of us our partners are our biggest supporters, the only person we fully trust, our savior in these demanding times. And still, our minds are always full of work, the kids, all the hassles of our daily lives. Sometimes we can barely focus on a real conversation with the person we love. Conflicts, arguments, withdrawal and living “next to each other” instead of together are the consequences. That’s heavy load! Load that needs to be managed.

In my couples coaching practice I help you two to set up your team play.

  • We start with creating more and better understanding for each other, we start with honest and meaningful conversations.

  • Then it's key that you explore your values and purpose together and make a plan of how you can bring them to life.  

  • And for the times when life gets challenging - which is normal and real for most of us - I help you find ways to handle that heavy load by offering  you science-based tools and equipment to improve your way of communicating with each and other and to resolve conflicts.

Ultimately we want for you to be joyful together, to regain trust, connection and intimacy with each other. And everything else that is important to you.  You get to define the rules of your team play. 

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