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If you can dream it you can do it.

Why life coaching?

Have you recently thought anything along the lines:

  • How can I get this done? It's impossible!

  • What if I fail? I can't take that risk.

  • What am I doing here? I hate this project (job, school, relationship, task ... ).

  • How can I be a better parent/partner/child and still thrive in the job I love? I feel bad all the time.

  • What's next for me? There used to be so much more sparkle in my life.

  • What's wrong with me? Yelling at my children doesn't help.

  • Is that it? I'm only 40 and wanted so much more from life.

  • When if not now? But what if I regret that decision?

Sounds familiar? Then coaching is for YOU!
Because what doesn't kill YOU makes you not always stronger but miss out on the life YOU actually want to live!

What we create together?

Balance, fulfillment, intention, creativity, commitment and a plan - all these are big words. Not too big though! YOU deserve what they hold. At the same time, no one will present them like gifts on a sliver plate to you. But good news! YOU can create them.

Sonja's life coaching approach is formed by a deep understanding of human beings.
In a 1:1 setting Sonja and her client will 

  • clarify what's going on

  • define goals 

  • brainstorm solutions

  • choose priorities 

  • define a plan   

  • pepare for execution 

  • walk the change journey together for as long as needed


How we work together?

Sonja works with the whole person especially with their natural resources and strengths 
and chooses from a well-stocked tool box tailored to the individual needs of the client.


Here are some of her approaches: 

  • Purpose and values definition

  • Self-awareness building/enhancement

  • Perspective change

  • Emotional strengths and resilience building

  • Relationship analysis

  • Effective communication techniques practicing

  • Mindfulness

  • Relating and connecting through empathy

  • Burnout prevention and stress coping

  • Commitment and accountability creation

Sonja’s empathy and skillful guidance helped me trust my own instinct and take the next steps. Through her reflections and encouragement I felt confident in my abilities and inner strength to move into my direction.

Nina B., Development Expert in an International Organization



 -- Walt Disney

What I liked most about coaching with Sonja is that she trusted my abilities and that she gave me the time I needed to go the next steps. She was very brave in pointing out what I missed in my own reflections. Her friendly, honest yet non-judgmental approach always made me feel that I have a true companion on my side and that I'm not alone. 

Industrial Engineer



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