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From me to YOU

Sonja Kirschner

Founder double human
M.Sc. Psychology (Dipl.-Psych.)
Certified Behavioral Trainer


I love people! And I love life. That's why I'm a coach, that's why I studied Psychology, that's why I want to get to know YOU and the people in YOUR organization. 
That's why I'm thrilled to work with YOU. 

For over 15 years I have been working with organizations and individuals to support their growth and development. Leading, engaging and valuing people with everything they bring to the table is near and dear to my heart.


My work benefits from two major perspectives: the one of an external consultant and coach as well as the one of an internal HR leader. To each engagement I bring my experiences from international coaching and consulting assignments with over 50 industry-leading companies, as an internal Learning & Development leader, as an expatriating Top Talent myself, as a Chief of Staff to a Divisional President and as a strategic Human Resources advisor of the leading chemical company in the world. In those roles, I have contributed to the success of companies across all industries and to individuals across multiple levels: from expats and their families, to senior executives, high-potentials to top specialists and scientists in highly competitive demand and with a broad range of professional backgrounds from Fortune 500, German DAX 30 and small and mid-sized, often family-run companies alike. My work with a variety of companies as a senior consultant and my long-term internal experience in strategic HR roles have demonstrated my qualifications in Leadership & Employee Development, Executive & Transition Coaching, Learning & Development, Change Management, Team Coaching, Organizational Development as well as in Strategic Branding, Marketing & Communications, Business Management and Agile Leadership . 


Through this broad experience I derived one simple bottom line: Organizations and individuals have their very own needs, a broad-brush approach doesn't work - neither for them nor for me - that's why I enjoy tackling YOUR specific challenges together with YOU the most.
My promise is to always put the focus on YOU and/or YOUR organization.


In addition to my Master’s degree in Psychology, my studies of Business Administration, my training as a Co-Active Coach and my certification in behavioral training I hold an Executive Education certification by the Yale School of Management covering the fields of emotional intelligence, women in leadership, leading innovation and the science of well-being.

Beyond this professional experience my work is characterized by who I am: A traveler by passion, a global citizen who feels at home in the world, a loving partner and friend, a runner, scuba diver, yogi and kick-boxer, a writer, photographer and reader who enjoys taking in the world; essentially, I am an enthusiast about life and people.

The vision I hold for myself is to share my full, rich, happy and intentional approach towards work and life with YOU and YOUR organization.


Describing Sonja is easy, I’ve been
knowing her for a very long time:
Sonja rests within herself.
She has strong values and she
easily manages to live up to them.
She is reliable, caring, listens so
well and hears more than you
tell her. She is a strong person
who never fears to ask the next
important question. What she does
to you, she does to herself as well.
Even in difficult situations she is
well connected with her inner
captain and with this stability
she grants guidance to the ones
who trust her and ask for advice. 

In a nutshell, she has high standards for anything she touches, she hits the nail on the head when she communicates, she honors her values - integrity, fairness, honesty, humanity and courage - in her personal and professional life. And Sonja has a gift of putting all this in action by holding your vision with you, by being on your side and by following through with you which is so empowering. 

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Betsch, Health Communication, University of Erfurt, Germany


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