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Sonja Kirschner

Founder double human LLC

There is nothing more complex, fascinating and beautiful than humans. That is why I truly enjoy shaping their futures with them.

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Why coach with me?

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1 / Science

Because my approach is founded in science. I hold a Master’s Degree in Psychology plus several certificates from top institutions such as Yale School of Management Executive Education, Co-Active Coaching, The Gottman Institute for Science Based Couples Therapy, Institute for systemic consulting (isb) in Germany and many more.


I trust in my deep understanding of how people make decisions, of how they feel and think and of how to help them grow and develop.

2 / Two Perspectives

Because I have two valuable perspectives of people and of the challenges in the workplace: 

The one of an international consultant who contribute to the success of leading companies of all industries and sizes. And the one of a Human Resources leader and expatriating top talent herself, as a Chief of Staff to a Divisional President and as a strategic Human Resources advisor of the leading chemical company in the world.


I am lucky for having gained broad insights in a variety of organizations and their cultures and can relate to my clients who experience any kind of internal reality.

3 / Love

I love people.

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Betsch, Health Communication, University of Erfurt, Germany

Describing Sonja is easy, I’ve been knowing her for a very long time: Sonja rests within herself. She has strong values and she easily manages to live up to them. She is reliable, caring, listens so well and hears more than you tell her. She is a strong person who never fears to ask the next important question. What she does to you, she does to herself as well. Even in difficult situations she is well connected with her inner captain and with this stability she grants guidance to the ones who trust her and ask for advice. 

In a nutshell, she has high standards for anything she touches, she hits the nail on the head when she communicates, she honors her values - integrity, fairness, honesty, humanity and courage - in her personal and professional life. And Sonja has a gift of putting all this in action by holding your vision with you, by being on your side and by following through with you which is so empowering. 

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