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YOU never get a second chance to make a first impression. 

Why new leader onboarding?

Starting to lead a new team is a wonderful opportunity. At the same time, it automatically comes with challenges.
As humans we naturally organize our world by judging and categorizing even in split-seconds at first sight.
That's why starting with intention and giving everyone a chance to dive deeper is key for a great start and 
working together sustainablly on the long run.    

What we create together?

Sonja, the new leader and the team will work together and facilitate

  • getting to know each and sharing more about oneself with each other 
    than what you can see at first sight

  • exploring similarities and differences

  • visioning towards a shared future


How we work together?

Here are some methods Sonja uses to make the start intentional for the new leader and exciting for everyone:

  • Kick-off with the new leader to identify what’s important to them, what vision they have in mind
    and how deep their understanding of the new organization or department is

  • Individual interviews with the leader and each team member to capture their ideas in regards
    to as-is and to-be, get to know their personalities and working styles

  • Get-to-know in team setting

  • Mutual expectations and first agreements

  • Follow-ups, check-ins and adjustments

To round this sparkling start up clients often move on with together ONE – team coaching.

start w/ INTENTION - new leader onboarding


-- unknown

Sonja was an important member of my team and a strong strategic counselor.
She provided me with great coaching through my transition into the role and then partnered to define and execute the team's strategy. Her partnership ensured higher level outcomes for myself and the team.

James, VP Talent & Organization Development



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