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At S.P.A.C.E. we connect young people around the world to support each other in difficult times, to hit the pause button for a moment and attend to each others’ thoughts & emotions and to empower us all. 

What we do:

  • connect young people (14-18 years) around the world,

  • facilitate the practice of mindfulness and self-care,

  • create and develop personal goals and

  • brainstorm ideas and plans towards achieving them​


All the beautiful art and many ideas about S.P.A.C.E. by 15-year old Xave  @ave_x24

How we do it:

  • Virtual bi-weekly meet-upsTuesdays, 9:00pm Berlin, 3:00pm New York, 12:00pm Los Angeles time

  • Participation is FREE

  • Open-space format driven by the reality we live in and guided by positive vibes

  • Everyone age 14 and older is welcome.

  • Most likely English-speaking.

  • Reach out through the contact form for invite or if you have questions.

COVID changed our lives. 

The pandemic sucks. 

Being alone at home can get messy.

What if you could fill some time with something positive? 

What if you could connect with new people around

the world? 

What if we go through challenges together and come back stronger than before?

We’ll provide an openminded and safe space. Whatever you bring will be discussed. Sharing is caring. 

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