Remote Leadership in Times of Uncertainty 
How to keep your team engaged through a human approach 
A live online series for leaders who care about business & people

Time Magazine calls the coronavirus outbreak “the world’s largest work-from-home experiment”. All of a sudden a benefit for some turned into a necessity for many, often a lifesaver for even more. Special times called for special measures. 

Now it's time to sustain what we've learned from the experiment. Because leading in hybrid and sometimes fully remote settings will stick around for much longer the virus. It's not rocket science rather doing what human leaders should do anyway - with more intention, deliberation and care. 


Here is our virtual live offer (90min/session) to support leaders in your organization with effective approaches, hands-on tips and lots of opportunities to learn in order to achieve the best results during and after the current crisis. Because we still need to get stuff done and because we need to find new ways in the - for now - new normal.  With the right approach we together can realize - even in extra-challenging times - what Gallup proofed once again in 2020: Remote work improves business outcomes.

If you want to learn more, please reach out through the contact form. To offer maximum flexibility, this offer is adaptable to your organization's needs.

Managing the Unknown from a Distance | 


Doing the right thing 
Facts, facts, facts … and your gut / You know what’s right!


Communicating is key 
But what and how? / Sound like a human!


Being a role-model 
Your team turns to you / Show them confidence!

Positivity & Psychological Segues No Matter Where You Are | 


Keeping the spirits up 
Engagement through positive reinforcement / Shout out the magic!


Cranking up conversations 
You can’t meet in-person but voice and ears work just as before / Talk, talk, talk!


Making it personal
Everybody in your team has a lot going on right now / One-size-fits-all is over!

Social Dynamics in Times of Social Distancing |


Connecting across distance
Losing connection is a real risk / Beat it by bringing people together!


Overcoming silos

In-Group/Out-Group newly defined / We’re all in the same boat!


Sharing is caring
Supporting each other & the common cause / One for all and all for one!

Resilience for Individuals and Teams in Remote Settings | 

Dealing with negative emotions
Worries, concerns, anxiety are human / Face them and offer support!

Building trust is key
In the good, in people and in you / It’s a question of attitude!


Inspiring behavior
Facts, figures and technicalities don’t do the magic / Shine the light!