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People may hear your words but they feel your attitude. 

Why a strong Human Resources department matters so much?

To reach the goals of YOUR people AND business strategy your players need to be in synch - with what YOUR organization's strategy and employer brand state and with each other. Because people do mind the gaps and notice buzzwords! Walking the talk is key and HR plays a major role in making things happen. Especially if YOU invest in your leaders and people  through coaching and targeted development it is essential that they find an environment in which they can be who they are. Thriving only happens if your key players' development is in line with your business and people imperatives and vice versa. Sonja has lots to share with YOUR HR leaders in order to make them strategic business consultants, empathetic coaches to your business leaders and strong communicators throughout your organization. 

What we create together? 

Reaching people’s heads, hearts AND hands is art! Sonja has mastered it throughout her life. Even as a child and
teenager she was trained in her entrepreneurial home to engage with customers and the community in a compelling, 
inspiring and - most importantly - at the same time authentic way. In her professional life as an external consultant
as well as an internal HR leader and Chief of Staff to top-level executives she has developed and implemented
countless business and HR strategies and concepts, compelling brands, internal and external campaigns and
development and implementation concepts to bring the things on paper alive. 


Together we will work on

  • deriving strategic imperatives from YOUR business to YOUR people strategy

  • defining YOUR HR's Why, What & How

  • creating relevant and easy-to-follow brands and concepts - from DE&I to conversational leadership 
    initiatives, anything that moves you and your business

  • drafting aligned and authentic messaging in line with them

  • planning communications strategies, cascades, events and tools

  • developing YOUR HR leaders to be competent consultants, confident ambassadors and skilled coaches to the business

  • rolling things  out and following up on them

How we work together

We will create good content as well as a targeted implementation plan. And we will involve YOUR HR people from the beginning on and develop them to fierce spokespeople. Throughout the process, YOUR business environment and YOUR culture rule, no standards will be applied - except for there:

  • keep it as simple as possible

  • be authentic

  • psychology has often the answers

real DEAL - 
hr consulting


-- John Maxwell

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