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When business goes poetry

What in the world has poetry to do with business?

Well, a lot! Poetry puts thoughts, emotions, ideas, hopes and so much more into words. Now think about your vision statement or your last town hall address. What do we do in these settings ? We put thoughts, emotions, ideas, hopes etc. into words. We want to take people with us and we do that through words.

Here are two poems of mine that were published in two different collections. For those two specifically, there is a whole lot more for me than 'just' putting stuff into words and inspiring others. It's about change, disruption and coping with one of the biggest challenges we as a society have seen: the COVID pandemic.

I hope you enjoy my words and that they hold something for you.

Wide Asleep was published by the UN Mental Health and Well-Being team as part of a series of mental health and well-being activities in connection with the 2020 World Mental Health Month at the United Nations. Poems were submitted by UN personnel and artists outside the UN from all corners of the world. These poems were compiled in a publication entitled Sauti: Poems of Healing, which means “voices” in Swahili, to promote the healing power of poetry and connect with one another.

This is New York (1-5) was published as part of Constellation Anthology I of the Constellation creative community. It was such an honor to get to know so many amazing artists from around the globe, to work and create with and to get inspired by them.

If you want to read more of my poetry visit IG @brainarias_bysonja.

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