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Joy to the world …

… the Lord has come.

A powerful announcement … but only for some of us! What if it’s summer and this Christmas carol is far away? What if you don’t celebrate Christmas? What if you don’t believe in God? What if you created your own joy?!

This short and sweet series is about the double human coaching approach, starting with the importance of creating JOY. Enjoy the read!

Thanks for the pic,

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”

― Tom Bodett

That’s so true! Think about a moment when you were super happy? Who was around you? What did you do? How did you look towards the future?

Ad 1) From my clients I hear that they are most joyful when they are with people to whom they feel deeply connected to … which can also be described as love. That does not only include romantic love and the love for your family members and friends. Don’t we also love special colleagues? From a scientific perspective, Harvard Business Review (HBR) talks about three aspects when it comes to finding joy, harmony being one of them. Therefore, double human cares about human connections in work and life and helps clients to create love and harmony in any situation. Sometimes it’s that simple.

Ad 2) Something to do! Here the emphasis is on something! When I talk to my clients I always hear an add-on: “something meaningful”. Making sense of what you do, identifying with a purpose and executing on its connected goals is what HBR and I call “impact”, the second important aspect of creating joy. Therefore, double human identifies purpose and value together with our clients, helps them to take charge and see and increase the impact they have.

Ad 3) Hope! Hope has a lot to do with trusting in what’s yet to come, with a positive attitude towards the future. Let’s be real, we know that we can’t control everything but with hope in our heart optimism rules. The connection from the life quote to acknowledgement which HBR identifies as the third important aspect of creating joy is not as obvious as the ones above but isn’t it true that when we hear that we’ve done our part well we believe that the rest will follow? Providing acknowledgement in our coaching engagements and teaching leaders how to do it is core to our work at double human.

Looking forward to your thoughts on joy. We all deserve to be joyful and happy – in our jobs and in our lives. Creating an environment that sparks joy is a responsibility we have for both, ourselves and for the ones around us. Let’s do it!

Yours, Sonja

About the author

The author, Sonja Kirschner, is 40 years old, originally from Mannheim, Germany which she left almost six years ago to work and live in the New York Metropolitan Area. She has worked in different Human Resources roles for 15 years, all of them focusing on the growth and development of people. Currently, she is in the process of getting her coaching certification. She has a master’s degree in Psychology and loves supporting people to reach their goals. Please leave a comment or send a PM to connect.

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