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Put your future in good hands - your own.

double human puts YOU in the center of everything. 

What's next for YOU? Who do you want to be?

Life coaching helps YOU find - and more important - live in line with YOUR

purpose and values and achieve YOUR goals whatever they are. Got purpose? be YOU

What do YOU carry and need to resolve?
Some topics need some special treatment. If YOU are looking for some clarity,
structure and new energy in a one-off and personal setting then.
the hammock is yours.  COACHED BY SWAY


Where do YOU want YOUR career to take you? 
For your professional goals we get very concrete - YOU name it:YOUR personal brand, YOUR elevator pitch,  
YOUR next steps towards a fulfilled career. 
The stage is YOURS. 
create YOURS



New here? What do you want to make of YOUR time abroad?

We help expats and their families arrive and enjoy from day 1 on!
Defining what YOU want from the experience abroad, working towards it with full intention,
orientation for YOU and YOUR spouse in business, the job market and the new culture - we got YOU! 
Welcome home! enjoy YOURSELF

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-- unknown

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