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connect, create, compose - a coaching retreat for women

connect, create, compose - a coaching retreat for women

brings women from around the globe together to build community and ignite opportunities.

In the serene setting of Kulturschloss Roskow in Brandenburg, Germany, we will spend a weekend:

  • connecting with each other and ourselves

  • creating a vision and career plan

  • composing all our resources and strengths in one plan 

to return home reenergized, and equipped to tackle and fulfill our aspirations.

women Roskow.jpg

Together, we will 

  • reflect on where we currently stand 

  • determine where we want to go

  • discover a path toward our goals 

  • identify and prepare for challenges along the way and

  • detangle ourselves from the obstacles holding us back. 



  • Through peer and individual coaching sessions

  • With the toolboxes and personalized guidance of two experienced coaches, Helen and Sonja

  • By creating dedicated space and time to change perspectives, connect with nature, and engage in inspiring interactions 

  • Ultimately by bringing mind, body and soul in balance through research-based coaching exercises and community-building (+ delicious food & drink, too!)


We hope you’ll join us for an enriching weekend that will leave you refreshed, inspired, and ready to take the next steps. 

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Pre-register below! No obligations, we'll just put you on the list for now. First come, first serve!


arrival Sept. 29, 2023

departure Oct. 1, 2023


Kulturschloss Roskow

Brandenburg, Germany

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