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Live Whole

This is the purpose at double human

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Be WHOLE! Revive the HUMAN in your organization!

Why WHOLE and HUMAN? WHOLE means looking at organizations, teams and individuals in a holistic and balanced way, it means finding fulfillment through completion and execution, it means having the entire person or group with their expertise, values, emotions, purpose, strategy, resources and actions in mind and that's entirely HUMAN. We deal with the WHOLE HUMAN.

double human Coaching & Consulting is a boutique enterprise focusing on the growth of people, expats, leaders and organizations. A fresh look at your specific situation builds a strong foundation for every engagement - with YOU as an individual or with YOUR organization. 


We make (work) life and organizations WHOLE by DOUBLING HUMANITY.

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Why should YOU invest?



Because we all want joy: "People intrinsically seek joy. And joy connects people more powerfully than almost any other human experience. [...]
In any team environment, joy arises from a combination of harmony, impact, and acknowledgment — all of which business leaders can engender in their organizations"
(HBR, July 2019). 

At double human we believe that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole (Co-Active Coaching Model). Our coaching and consulting approach empowers YOU and/or YOUR people to achieve the impact and results you wish for. Through fun and enjoyment: Because people are good at what they love!


Because "In a culture obsessed with measuring talent and ability, we often overlook the important role of inspiration" (HBR, November 2008). Inspiring people is by no means a voodoo practice. It is key in coaching as inspired people have a stronger drive to master their work, are more intrinsically motivated and report higher levels of important psychological resources such as belief in their own abilities, self-esteem and optimism.
In our coaching we activate inspiration resulting in major effects on important (work) life and growth outcomes.


Because "Execution Is a People Problem, Not a Strategy Problem" (HBR, August 2017) which is true for individuals and for organizations. You can have the greatest strategy and game plan but just having it in place does not get the job done. "To deliver stellar results, people need to be hyperaligned and laser-focused on the highest-impact actions" and that is not a given, not even in well-run organizations. 

Our coaching and consulting approach helps YOU 1) define a plan and then 2) move it to focused actions and measurable results.


Because everyone loves a good KISS - as in "Keep It Small and Simple": "Clear, practical language and models, rather than complex acronyms and jargon-filled texts make training methodologies accessible and more likely to create lasting organizational change" (T. Menatian, 2016)

Clients tell us that clarity and authenticity are some of our most important key attributes. We hear that we are good KISSers.

FOCUS ON YOU and YOUR Potential 

Because "one size fits all" does not work: "Deep personalization, in which the coach seeks to understand the coachee’s personal values and goals in a holistic way, is equally vital. As good coaching is fundamentally a quality conversation based in trust, it follows that authentic, individualized coaching is vital to cultivating genuine organizational change and personal development." (T. Menatian, 2016). 

The believe in the uniqueness of our clients puts YOU at the center of everything we do. Listening to YOU, understanding YOUR situation and putting YOUR strengths first gives us joy and like a chef taking pride in their secret sauce we take pride in calling the focus on YOU and your potential our signature dish.

Business Meeting

Talking to Sonja made me feel so secure. I left our conversations with this "I got this" feeling and then I did it.

Katharina D., PhD HR Professional



Sonja Kirschner

Founder double human
M.Sc. Psychology (Dipl.-Psych.) / Co-Active Coach /
Certified by Yale SOM 
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