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The future turns out to be something you make instead of find.

double human tailors towards YOUR company's future. 

What makes a woman a natural in leading human?
And what does she need to bring her full potential to life in YOUR organization?

lead LIKE A WOMAN taps into the talent of female leaders and let's them experience that being fierce AND kind
are not mutually exclusive but only two of their superpowers. 


How do YOUR leaders become the face of your company?
What do YOUR leaders need to truly reach and engage their people?

Executive coaching works with YOUR leaders holistically to unlock their full potential.
Focus areas are purpose & value-driven leadership, prioritization, communication, dealing with high-pressure and gaining
emotional stability.  YOUR leaders engage the rest of YOUR team. All in for the them! lead HUMAN



What do YOU want YOUR new leaders to achieve in the first 100 days?
How can they make the most of this critical phase?
What makes them and their teams tick together?

"In the core of every beginning lives magic. Magic that protects us and helps us live." 
-- Hermann Hesse
Up for a magical start? Pull the curtain for your new leaders! start w/ INTENTION

What is the impact YOU want the people you send around the world to have? 
What do they need for their and the organization's success? 

Sending YOUR people around the world can be both rewarding and challenging ... and it comes with a price tag!
Better have them have a great start and the time of their life.
Make them the captains navigating the unknown with heart and courage! arrive & ACHIEVE


What's next for the team?  How do YOU get people to join in on one shared purpose?

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

-- Aristotle?

There is controversy if Aristotle really said it that way. 
But it's a fact that teams are more successful if they work together towards a shared purpose and common goals. 
Let them define their core and become one! together ONE


Why doesn't anyone read our communications? Do people not care? 
How do we really reach our people?

Words really matter! Reaching the heads, the hearts and the handsof people is the goal. 

Sometime with less than 280 characters. Speak the language of your people!  real TALK

Business Group
Ship's Wheel
Racing Driving
Painted Heart

-- Lewis Lapham 

Woman Artist
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